Department of UROLOGY

The Urology Department of Enam Medical College Hospital is deviated to providing top-notch medical and surgical care for all specialties of male and female urology (both adult and paediatric), as well as male infertility problems. Every year, our immensely experienced urologists treat hundreds of patients, providing expert diagnosis, care and surgeries for complete range of urological conditions. We offer patients confidential evaluations, treatment and follow-up care with state-of-the-art resources, like ultra modern operation theatres (OT), dedicated Kidney Transplant Unit, Lithotripsy Unit, as well as modern diagnostic facilities like urodynamic studies. Our kidney transplant program has a 100% success rate with nearly zero infection. The department has become a national referral surgical centre.

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Enam Medical College hospital is a global standard hospital that provides a myriad of medical services to the patient at a minimal cost with its state- of -the -art infrastructure and Instruments.