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9/3, Parboti Nagar, Thana Road, Savar, Dhaka-1340. Bangladesh.

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Dr. Sakib Chowdhuri
Director (Hospital)

Enam Medical College Hospital is a 1000 bedded super specialized hospital situated at prime location of Savar, Dhaka. This state-of-the-art hospital is equipped with all modern world-class equipment and facilities featuring multi-specialty and super-specialty departments. The Hospital provides premier healthcare services in over 40 different specialties including Neonatology Cardiology, Oncology. General and advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, IVF, Burn, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Critical Care, Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Vascular Surgery, and numerous other super specialties. We bring together futuristic infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a highly integrated and comprehensive information system along with a quest for exploring and developing newer therapies to serve the patients. A one of its kind facility in this part of the world through research, our hospitals integrate modern and traditional forms of treatment to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.

Our focus has always been on the patients of the lower and middle sections of society. patients who cannot afford expensive medical care and patients who deserve proper medical attention. We believe that Medical Science is a noble profession, and all the citizen of Bangladesh has the right to get proper health services. We treat each patient as our family rather than customers. Right from spending the time to guiding our patients about the current cost-effective course of action, we provide word class healthcare services.

Our hospital has shown leadership and courage working on the front lines during the COVID pandemic and have been pivotal to the proper care of COVID patients during this time. During the pandemic not only the healthcare providers but also from management to general staffs all served the COVID patients keeping their lives at high risk. To maintain an uninterrupted oxygen supply along with oxygen generator, we built Liquid Oxygen Plant.

In addition to excellent clinical care and research, our mentors also serve as preceptors for students and doctors and serve in numerous education roles in the institution related to both undergraduate and graduate medical education. organization.

I would like to thank all the clinical & nonclinical staff for their dedication and effort to build the reputation of this institute. Also, my gratitude to all the patients who keep their utmost faith in us. It is an honor for me to be a part of this unparallel team.


Dr. Sakib Chowdhuri
Director (Hospital)
Enam Medical College Hospital

Enam Medical College hospital is a global standard hospital that provides a myriad of medical services to the patient at a minimal cost with its state- of -the -art infrastructure and Instruments.