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Many acquaintances want to know – what diseases do we vascular surgeons usually treat?
Due to the limited discussion of vascular surgery at the undergraduate level (MBBS) – it is difficult for many doctors to diagnose vascular disease early and give specific treatment …
So at the request of many I will write today about what diseases vascular surgeons are usually working with in our country ……
1. Treatment of varicose veins or varicose veins – – Cut / Laser -RFA.
2. Ring / stent insertion to reopen blocked blood vessels.
3. Hand or foot bypass operation.
4. Operation of vascular tumor (malformation / tumor).
5. Treatment of chronic wounds in the legs.
. Emergency operation if blood vessel ruptures or cuts due to accident.
. Removal of excess rib / cervical rib.
. Fistula operation for kidney dialysis.
9. Emergency treatment of gangrene or indigestion.
10. Acute limb ischemia.
11. Treatment of aortic aneurysm – cut or not cut TEVAR-EVAR.
12. Treatment of deep vein blockage (sudden swelling of the legs) / DVT disease.
13. Treatment of defective arterial and venous connections.
14. Post PCNL endovascular hematuria (treatment without incision)
15. More Endovascular Procedures – Stenting of visceral arteries for various conditions, Chemoport, complex perma catheter for dialysis and many more.
16. Duplex Ultrasound for Vessels.

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