Department of RHEUMATOLOGY

Rheumatology is a subspecialty in internal medicine and pediatrics that deals with the joints, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases and heritable connective tissue disorders. Rheumatologist of Enam Medical College specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and therapy of the rheumatic diseases.

Our rheumatologist diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal disease and systemic autoimmune conditions. Furthermore, the goal of our rheumatologists is to find the underlying cause of rheumatic disease and conduct research to find better treatment options.

Diseases that our rheumatologists treat include:

  • Arthritis;
  • Dermatomycosis’s;
  • Gout;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Lyme disease;
  • Mixed connective tissue disease;
  • Polychondritis;
  • Polymyositis;
  • Polymyalgia rheumatica;
  • Sarcoidosis;
  • Sjögren’s syndrome;
  • Scleroderma;

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